Kumpulan Jawaban Oracle

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Teknologi Riau – Bagi sobat tr semua yang sedang melaksanakan pelatihan oracle kami menyediakan Kumpulan Jawaban Oracle untuk membantu sobat semua dalam mengisi jawaban dan insya allah jawaban yang kami berikan sudah teruji dan benar, berikut soal dan jawabannya selamat berjuang.


1. From your Alice lessons, which of the following are reasons why random numbers would be used by a computer?

(1) Points

2. From your Alice lessons, the Do In Order control statement is also referred to by what other name?

(1) Points

3. In Alice, once an instance is added to the scene, it cannot be deleted. True or false?

(1) Points

4. From your Alice lessons, which programming instruction represents the following movement: A person moves forward the distance to the table, minus the depth of the person.

(1) Points

5. In Alice, you can use a function to get the current color of the object. True or false?

(1) Points

6. In Alice, declaring a new procedure to shorten code and make it easier to read is a procedural abstraction technique. True or false?

(1) Points

7. Defining the scenario, and the Alice animation to represent the scenario, is the first step to programming your animation. True or false?

(1) Points

8. An animation gives the scenario a purpose. True or false?

(1) Points

9. In Alice, you can define your own procedures for a class, but not your own functions. True or false?

(1) Points

10. Programming comments do not affect the functionality of your Alice animation. True or false?

In Alice, we use the While control statement to implement the conditional loop. True or false?

A loop can be infinite (continue forever) or conditional (stops upon a condition). True or false?

Which of the following programming instructions commands the fish to continuously move forward a random speed between 0.5 and 1.0 meters, minus 0.25 meters, until it collides with the shark?
4. In Alice, there is no way of seeing the code as Java code. True or false?

From your Alice lessons, if you examined a science process that had many steps, which of the following is a way that you could apply functional decomposition to this process?

What should you refer to for the animation’s design specifications as you program your Alice animation?

From your Alice lessons, a textual storyboard provides a detailed, ordered list of the actions each object performs in each scene of the animation. True or false?

Expressions with relational operators produce true and false values. True or false?

What is the result of the following code?

In Alice, what tab would you choose to start a new animation with a pre-populated world?

You want an event to happen when an object collides with another object, which category of event handler would you choose?

In Alice, which of the following programming statements moves the alien backward the distance to the asteroid, minus 2 meters?

Alice uses built-in math operators. They are:

Java programs can be simple programs that run from the command line, or they can have complex graphical user interfaces. True or false?

You want a block of code to be executed only once if certain conditions are met. What type of Java construct would you use?
(1) Points

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